OptUP Eating Well, Simplified
What is OptUP

OptUP simplifies healthier shopping by providing simple nutrition ratings and there is no need to log your food. With personalized dietary tags and recommendations for healthier options, you can find foods that work for the way you like to eat.

With OptUP, You Can:

  • Automatically see the nutrition rating of the food you buy
  • Shop by dietary preferences (Vegan, Paleo, Keto and more)
  • Easily avoid certain ingredients (Artificial Ingredients, Dairy, Gluten)
  • View healthy recommendations to find Better for You foods
  • Add items directly to your cart to simplify your online grocery shopping
  • Track your progress over time to see improvements in the food you buy
  • Work on your personal nutrition goals with our Kroger Health registered dietitians right from home.
How Does OptUP Work

Driven by knowledge from our team of expert Registered Dietitians, OptUP’s nutrition ratings leverage data science, nutrition information and machine learning to provide a score from 1-100.

Nutrition ratings are categorized into green, yellow, and red groups to identify healthier food faster. Aim for green category foods to make up most of the basket and red items to make up the least.

Green Category Foods


Eat more of these foods! Why? They tend to be lower in saturated fat, sodium, sugar, and calories and typically higher in fiber, protein, unsaturated fat and fruit/vegetable/nut/whole grain ingredients.

Yellow Category Foods


These foods fall somewhere in the middle. They may be somewhat higher in saturated fat, sodium, sugar and calories and may be lower in fiber, protein and fruit/vegetable/nut/whole grain content as compared to green category foods.

Red Category Foods


Enjoy these foods mindfully in smaller portions. These foods may be high in saturated fat, sodium, sugar and calories and are likely low in fiber, protein and fruit/vegetable/nut/whole grain ingredients.

Benefits of Using OptUP

Better for You

Our Better for You recommendations help you find healthier food choices. Take yogurt for example: flavored yogurt can be high in sugar and often has a lower nutrition rating. Making a simple switch to a higher rated yogurt will help you find options with lower sugar and higher protein to help you stay full for longer.

OptUP Score

Our goal is to make it simple and sustainable for you to shop and eat well. The best way to understand how your shopping habits change is to analyze your purchase history. Your OptUp Score is the average rating of the food you buy over time. By shopping at one of our Kroger Co. Family of Stores we automatically rate your purchases to show your progress.

Nutrition Science

We know eating healthy can feel hard. That’s why we are dedicated to changing the way America eats. This starts with understanding the food you are buying today. Our Registered Dietitians are experts on cutting edge evidence based nutrition science, not to mention total foodies and we bring that expertise to your fingertips in OptUP.