Father’s Day Activities

Father’s Day Activities

Publish Date May 6, 2022

Father’s Day is the ultimate opportunity to honor Dad for everything he does. If you’re searching for ways to create the perfect day, this list of activities, gift ideas and recipes will help you shower him with affection.

Father’s Day Activities

Whether Dad prefers time to relax or wants some spirited family competition, consider all the ways to create a day devoted to his favorites.

  1. Backyard Classics - If croquet has a designated day to play, this is it. Ditto for badminton, horseshoes, bocce ball and more family games. These are classic outdoor activities for a reason, along with relatively newer faves like beanbag toss (aka cornhole) and ladder ball.
  2. Active Games - Want a faster pace? Create a scavenger hunt, set up a sack race, or try tag or hide-and-seek. You can also up the excitement (and laughs) with a water balloon game: Divide into pairs and stand close together when tossing, then gradually take steps back after each toss. The pair that lasts the longest without bursting their water balloon wins.
  3. Golf - If Dad loves the links, schedule 18 holes on his favorite course. (Allow time to unwind on the 19th hole too.)
  4. Baseball - There’s no better day to observe our national pastime. If there isn’t a game nearby to attend, you can put one on TV or the radio and then break out the gloves for a game of catch in the yard.
  5. Dad Time - Allow him to play his favorite video game or binge a TV series without interruption, or make him a personalized playlist of favorite songs/artists to enjoy.
  6. Family Night - Cap the day with a board game or family movie.

Father’s Day Backyard Games

DIY Father’s Day Gift and Craft Ideas

The kids will love making Dad a meaningful gift that shows how much they care.

  1. Handmade Card - The best chance to incorporate a “Dad joke” into an expression of affection.
  2. Frame or Photo Block - Decorate a wooden frame or 3" wooden cube with acrylic paint or markers. Insert a wire photo holder in the cube to display a favorite snapshot.
  3. “All About My Dad” Book - On each page, your kids can note details about Dad: favorite foods and drinks, what he’s good at, what he likes to do with them, etc. Then add a photo page or two.
  4. Make Coupons - Create or print out blank tickets/coupons and have the kids fill them in with things Dad can redeem them for. Think movie night, family outings, taking out the trash or even getting a hug.
  5. Kids Art - Add googly eyes and faces to the kids’ handprints or footprints to turn each into an animal or creature. (Signed, “From your little monster.”)
  6. Personalized Spatula - Have the kids use paint or markers to decorate the wooden handle of Dad’s favorite grilling tool.
  7. Succulent Garden – Using a wide-mouth bowl, cactus potting mix and a variety of succulents, create an indoor garden that’s easy for Dad to maintain.
Father’s Day Drinks

Father’s Day Drinks

This is the perfect day to raise a glass to Dad, but why offer just one toast? Create a beer tasting or whisky flight and turn his day into more of an event. Showcase your perfect pour and treat him to a classic like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Or try a sweeter sip like our Orange Beer Cocktail or Blueberry Vodka Lemonade recipes.

Father’s Day Dinner

Father’s Day Dinner

There’s no better day to barbecue, so fire up the grill and cook up his favorite bites. You can’t go wrong with Spiral-grilled Hot Dogs or Stuffed Burgers. Or try our flavorful faves like Spicy Mustard Chicken Skewers and our Ultimate Grilled Ribs recipe.

Father’s Day Meals

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