Grocery Pickup in San Diego, California

Ralphs has 11 grocery pickup locations in San Diego, CA. Save time and money by shopping the same great deals online that you'd find in-store, all without any surprise fees or hidden markups. Simply select the grocery store you'd like to pickup from, build your cart with the products you want, then choose a pickup time that's convenient for you.

4S Commons Town Center

10525 4S Commons Dr, San Diego, CA, 92127
(858) 675-0196
Pickup Available

Carmel MTN Ranch Town Center

11875 Carmel Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA, 92128
(858) 451-8376
Pickup Available

Del Mar Highlands town center

3455 Del Mar Heights Rd, San Diego, CA, 92130
(858) 259-1077
Pickup Available

Downtown San Diego

101 G St, San Diego, CA, 92101
(619) 595-1581
Pickup Available

Friars-Mission Center

5680 Mission Center Rd, San Diego, CA, 92108
(619) 297-2593
Pickup Available


1020 University Ave, San Diego, CA, 92103
(619) 298-2931
Pickup Available


6670 Montezuma Rd, San Diego, CA, 92115
(619) 463-8893
Pickup Available

PB Marketplace

4315 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92109
(858) 273-0778
Pickup Available

Point Loma

1666 Rosecrans St, San Diego, CA, 92106
(619) 819-6040
Pickup Available

South Bay Terrace SC

3011 Alta View Dr, San Diego, CA, 92139
(619) 470-0574
Pickup Available

Sports Arena

3345 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92110
(619) 222-0688
Pickup Available