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WorldWide Botanicals Organic Ramon Seeds Filter Grind Dark Roast

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About Ramon Seeds:

With a taste that combines flavors from coffee and chocolate, roasted ramon seeds produce a delicious brew that the Maya were drinking long before the Spaniards brought coffee to the Americas. Growing to a height of 130 feet, ramon trees are an essential part of the upper canopy in Central American rainforests. Known by a variety of local common names, ramon seeds are a traditional food valued by native people.

Now wild harvested in Guatemala in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, this nutritious seed provides free food and a source of income for rural communities. Comparable to walnuts for their ability to fight free radicals, ramon seeds contain more potassium, fiber and calcium than any other bean or grain. The seeds have a complete protein that is high in tryptophan to help calm your nerves in stressful times. With plenty of minerals and vitamins, ramon seeds are a nourishing super food that can be enjoyed as a roasted coffee alternative or as a raw flour to boost the nutrients of baked goods and smoothies.

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