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Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Whey Cocoa & Coconut Water

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The perfect natural protein blend to increase athletic performance, improve recovery, and achieve a lean body

» increase athletic performance

» increase protein synthesis

» improve hydration

» increase joint flexibility

» improve amino acid absorption

» support blood flow to muscles

» improve recovery

» helps protein delivery to the body

Our advanced protein utilization formula combines collagen with grass fed whey protein, fermented cocoa bean flavanols, probiotics and naturally hyaluronic acid to achieve a premium protein blend for improved athletic performance.

Our pasture-raised collagen peptides are combined with coconut water in a proprietary natural process to preserve the flavor and nutrition while adding no additional sugars, artificial sweeteners, or maltodextrin.

15,000 mg pasture-raised collagen peptides

increase athletic performance & reduces injuries

2B CFU spore probiotic bacillus coagulans

supports protein absorption and recovery

80 mg natural hyaluronic acid

helps keep cartilage flexible and strong

375 mg cocoa flavanols

helps deliver protein to the body

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