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Vitacost Xylitol Cinnamon Mints

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It's true. People may not remember what you say, but they'll probably notice when something's a little off. From a speck of food lodged between your teeth to a missed button on your shirt or a layer of dog hair covering your coat, there are several minor mishaps that could happen on a first encounter. Don't let bad breath be one of them.

Vitacost® Xylitol Mints are "mint" to be your spur-of-the-moment saving grace. With the tingly touch of natural cinnamon oil, you'll feel instantly refreshed. Unlike between-meal snacks high in sugars and starches, these mints are sweetened with xylitol and do not promote tooth decay - hello, pearly whites!

When to pop a Vitacost® Xylitol Mint:

  • After finishing an Italian feast or anything else heavy in garlic
  • Before meeting a first date
  • When you're nervous for a big presentation
  • As soon as you wake up (to knock out morning breath)
  • Whenever the mood strikes!

The mint that pops in your mouth with breath-freshening cinnamon.

  • Melt-in-your-mouth mints with a zing
  • Natural cinnamon flavor

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