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Vitacost Calcium with Multi-Minerals with TriBoron & Vitamin D3

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What is Calcium Multi-Mineral?

Calcium Multi-Mineral is a combination formula that supplies optimal levels of essential minerals calcium, vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc and manganese. Also included are copper, betaine and boron as “triboron”—a synergistic combination of three chelated sources of this trace mineral.

What are the key benefits of Vitacost® Calcium with Minerals with TriBoron & Vitamin D3?

  • Calcium is an essential ingredient of bone that must constantly be replenished*
  • Vitamin D contributes to bone strength, as proper levels contribute to bone formation*
  • Vitamin D supports proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems*
  • Magnesium plays a part in calcium absorption*
  • Magnesium helps build strong bones by converting vitamin D to its active form and setting in motion key enzymes that stimulate bone cells*
  • Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function*
  • Zinc is a trace mineral essential for proper growth, development and reproduction, as well as numerous body processes, from eye health to immune function to regulation of appetite, taste and smell*
  • Zinc is an antioxidant, meaning it helps protect healthy cells from the potentially damaging effects of free radicals*
  • Zinc deficiency in the elderly can often accompany age-related immune decline*
  • Scientific evidence indicates boron plays a significant role in supporting strong bones*

 Why is Vitacost® Calcium with Minerals with TriBoron & Vitamin D3 your everyday essential?

  • Provides several essential minerals in one convenient formula
  • Features vitamin D3, the form naturally produced by the body when exposed to UV sunlight
  • Features TriBoron as aspartate, citrate and glycinate
  • Contains 60 servings per bottle
  • Great value compared to