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Super Nutrition Super Immune Antioxidant-Rich MultiVitamin

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Organic Whole Food-Based Tablets

A Dietary Supplement for Women and Men of All Ages

Enriched with Organic Herbs & Green Foods

Certified organic herbs and green foods are organically grown and processed in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990. 

  • Worlds most comprehensive multi-vitamin, multi-mineral antioxidant, anti-aging formula
  • 25 immune-supporting antioxidants and phyto-antioxidants, including 1,500 mg vitamin C, 800 IU vitamin E, 250 mcg selenium, 100 mg alpha-lipoic ace, 100 mg DMAE, 30 mg Co Q10, 200 mg N-acetyl cysteine and 500 mg N-acetyl carnitine
  • Energizing high-potency B-complex 
  • Superior bone health support - 1,000 mg calcium, 600 mg magnesium, 4,000 IU vitamin D and 1.500 vitamin C and full potencies of eight other bone-building nutrients 
  • Heart healthy - 1,000 mcg folic acid, 1,000 mcg vitamin B12, 250 mg vitamin B6, 45 mcg vitamin K (MK7) and 800 IU vitamin E 

Vegetarian / Hypoallergenic / Gluten Free

Contains no: gluten, nuts, wheat, yeast, pollen, sugar, buckwheat, dairy, corn or soy residues, hidden additives, sodium aluminosilicate, dyes or artificial colorings.

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