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Snickers Crisper Fun Size Chocolate Candy Bars Bag

10.61 ozUPC: 0004000050317
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•Contains one 10.61-ounce bag of SNICKERS Crisper Fun Size Chocolate Bars
•SNICKERS Crisper contains a layer of crispy rice to add another amazing texture to your favorite candy bar
•SNICKERS Fun Size Candy Bars make a tasty afternoon snack
•This 10.61-ounce bag is great for sharing with friend and family, or for storing in your desk to split with coworkers
•Each serving of SNICKERS Crisper contains 100 calories

Satisfaction just got crisper with SNICKERS Crisper Candy Bars. These crispy chocolate candy bars are a great snack to have when you're hungry, and are a perfect fun size to share with friends, family and coworkers. Made with delicious crisp rice, milk chocolate, caramel and peanuts, this chocolate snack is sure to satisfy. Plus, each fun size square of SNICKERS Crisper Candy is 100 calories.