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Performix ION v2X Blackberry Lemonade

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Perfomix™ ION v2X is the hardest hitting, fastest working pre-workout in the Performix franchise. This formula is designed for next-level athletes who require extreme energy to crush their goals.

Unrelenting Energy

ION v2X is designed with an electric shock of extreme energy that hits hard and fast up front, but still sustains you throughout the duration of your workout. The Synergistic Energy Complex balances the flood of caffeine for a smooth but powerful effect.

Enhanced Muscle Endurance

Maximize your power when pushing past physical limitations. ION v2X Strength Matrix is powered by CarnoSyn®, L-Citrulline Malate 2:1, Betaine Anhydrous and BioPerine® to support and sustain your muscular strength.

Heightened Mental Focus

Mental energy and stamina are key to hard-hitting physical conditioning. The Neuro Energy Matrix of Teacrine® and Alpha-GPC combat fatigue and provide the focus to achieve your goals.

Clinically Dosed Transparent Labeling

ION x2X contains transparent formulations that are designed for maximum efficacy.

The PERFORMIX™ v2X Difference

Unrelenting Energy

While some are content with being the best, you''re never satisfied, because you know you can always be better. You need more energy to drive your determination., You need products that keep your pace. Performix™ v2X was created for those who see no limits in their quest for greatness, and who are willing to go the extreme in the pursuit of superior performance. Scientifically engineered with maximum levels of the highest quality premium ingredients, Perfomix v2X gives your body and mind the power to propel you into the realm of extraordinary achievement.