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NuGo Slim Roasted Peanut Protein Bar

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Say goodbye to unhealthy alternatives and say hello to guilt-free Real Dark Chocolate covered low sugar protein bars.

  • LOW SUGAR & HIGH PROTEIN: With only 2-3g of sugar in each 16-18g protein bar, no artificial sweeteners and no maltitol, NuGo Slim is a guilt-free way of getting the protein you need - the ultimate low sugar, high protein bar.
  • LOW-GLYCEMIC: NuGo Slim was tested by GI Labs of Toronto, CA with a very low glycemic index. No other low sugar protein bar is certified and tested low glycemic. Slim helps to slow your metabolism, curb cravings and avoid sugar spikes making it one of the best low glycemic snacks on the market. •
  • CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE: NuGo Slim protein bars contain only certified gluten free ingredients.
  • HIGH FIBER & LOW CARB: NuGo Slim contains 6-7g of Fiber and 5-6g of net carbs making it the perfect low carb protein bar.
  • BETTER INGREDIENTS: All NuGo bars contain ingredients you love and know, no artificial ingredients, no artificial sweeteners and no Maltitol.

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