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Life Elements Healing Honey Body Scrub Unscented

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A luscious blend of Pure Bee Goodness™, rich emollient and botanicals leave skin dewy, glowing and amazingly touchable.

It is less harsh than salt scrubs and includes the soothing benefits of bee-derived ingredients. It also features grapeseed oil, almond oil and shea butter, which nourish and replenish.


se it all over your body before rinsing off in a shower or tub, and use caution as the oils can make the floor slippery.

Whether looking for a bridal gift, anniversary gift or simply a way to brighten your own day, Life Elements’ Healing Honey Sugar Body Scrub will not disappoint.

Pro tip: Men, you can use this too. Just because you have facial hair, doesn’t mean you can’t have ultra-moisturized skin.