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Kroger® Reduced Fat Baked Wheat Crisp Crackers

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A Handful of FUN!

Sweet and crunchy, Wheat Crisp Crackers are the delicious snack crackers you'll love to eat!

Whether you're having them with cheese, scooping up some dip or eating them by the handful, Wheat Crisp Crackers always deliver that satisfying crunch that all adds up to the perfect, fun snack.

Regular Wheat Crisp Crackers contain 5g total fat per serving. Our Reduced Fat Wheat Crisp Crackers contain 3.5g total fat per serving.

  • 30% Less Fat Than Our Regular Wheat Crisps
  • Per 16 Crackers: 130 Calories, 0.5g Sat Fat, 230mg Sodium, 4g Sugars
  • Contains 21g of Whole Grain Per Serving
  • USDA Recommends Consuming 48g or More Whole Grains Per Day
  • Kosher

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