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Gustus Vitae Crystallized Honey Gourmet Sea Salt

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You''ll have to forgive us the pun, it was just too easy. What''s hard is discovering what your favorite way is to use this sea salt: as a delicious sprinkling on ice cream? The magic dusting on white fish just before serving (you''d be surprised!)? Sprinkled over freshly popped popcorn? We could go on, but that''d take away (some of ) the fun. Our crystallized honey sea salt is incredibly versatile as a finishing salt and is sure to become one of the secret weapons in your kitchen. Our favorites: lifting a fruit plate to new heights, as a caramelizing dusting on salmon just before baking or grilling, sprinkled on blue cheese to somehow both turn down up and down the funk, and as the best margarita rimmer you''ve ever experienced.

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