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Flower Essence Post-Trauma Stabilizer Herbal Spray

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Arnica - Foundational for all forms of shock and trauma, helping subtle energy bodies to be re-integrated into the physical body; facilitates recovery from dissociative states following traumatic events.

Bleeding Heart - Intense grief and longing; especially for those who have died or for social connections and circumstances that have been severed due to disaster or injury; reconsolidation of the heart forces.

Echinacea - Depletion within the immune system and core identity following shattering events or injuries; helping to knit together and re-constellate the spiritual-physical individuality toward new wholeness.

Glassy Hyacinth - Recovery from profound depths of sorrow and suffering; when the soul has been pulled underground and must experience re-birth.

Green Cross Gentian - To address intense feelings of despair or defeat; when one''s relationship to community, home or body must find new connection and grounding; renewed resolve to serve, hope and give.

Fireweed - Stimulates phoenix-like forces in the soul; the ability to catalyze "alchemical ash" as the seed ground for new forces of healing and vitality.

Five-Flower Formula - Dr. Bach''s composite remedy for rescue and relief to body and soul; providing calm and stabilization during times of adversity, injury and natural disaster.

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