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Ben & Jerry's Moo-phoria Chocolate Milk & Cookies Ice Cream

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Were you that kid? You know the one. The kid who upped the ante on after-school snacking by dipping their chocolate-chip cookies in chocolate milk?! If so, we salute you, you little rule-breaker! You knew how to do it right, even back then. In a tribute to all the kids who only imagined the pure, chocolatey joy of enhanced cookie-dunking, this flavor's for you: it features chocolate and vanilla, liberally chunked throughout with chocolate chip cookies. Awesome, right? Well, here's another little thing to get excited about: this new Moo-phoria pint is packed with plenty of love, but only 140 calories per serving. Yup, that's right - we've lightened things up a little bit, so every scoop is even more euphoric. And here's something else great: we didn't skimp in the slightest when it came to packing this pint full of euphoria. We sourced non-GMO ingredients, organically-sourced milk and cream, and left out all the sugar substitutes and sugar alcohols. Plus, every pint contains Fairtrade-certified vanilla, sugar and cocoa. To top it all off, we wrapped it up in a package that looks a little different, but is still sustainably sourced. How's that for an upgrade to a classic?

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