Plan a Themed Party in 4 Steps

Party guests looking at the camera in different themed garb and holding some props

Planning a themed party can seem like a daunting task, but our four-step guide makes it easy to design and execute your vision from start to finish.

1. Choose a theme. What are the guest of honor’s favorite colors, hobbies, sports teams, movies, books and food? Use any of these categories to build upon. For a general party with no guest of honor, consider latest trends, colors and seasonality. 

TIP: Call out the theme in the invitation so guests are aware, plan and participate, especially if costumes are part of the party.

2. Get organized early. This will allow time to fully implement the theme and all of its parts. Start planning at least four to six weeks in advance. 

TIP: Keep a second choice in your back pocket, in case items are hard to find while shopping.

3. Begin shopping immediately. You’ll avoid scrambling around at the last minute, and you’ll eliminate the stress of not being able to find obscure props and decorations. 

TIP: One small item can become the inspiration for an entire party theme. Apples make for beautiful autumn décor and can be easily incorporated in apple-themed dishes.

4. Incorporate as many aspects of the party as possible into the theme. This is the fun part. Consider the food, drinks, decorations invitations, music and costumes when planning. The more you can theme, the better the result. 

TIP: Share your plans with a trusted friend. Getting their ideas adds to the fun of planning, and they might help you execute the details!