Simple DIY Eucalyptus Wreath

A white door with a handcrafted eucalyptus wreath hanging in the center

Created by: Sharon Garofalow, Cupcakes and Cutlery

I like to go all out with my holiday cooking and keep my decorations on the simple side. This DIY Eucalyptus Wreath uses only a few supplies and takes just a few minutes to make. When hung on the front door, it’s a nice way to welcome guests. It could even be used as part of a cool table centerpiece. One bunch of greenery will make several wreaths. Consider sending smaller versions home with your guests!

Things You'll Need:

  • 1 brass craft ring
  • Thin gauge wire (I tried to match the color to my ring)
  • 1 bundle eucalyptus leaves (or similar)
  • A short amount of string and some wooden decorative elements (optional)


  1. Begin by separating the eucalyptus branches so they are easier to work with, in individual stems instead of several stalks off of a main branch. Starting with about 3-4 stems, attach them to the ring with a short piece of wire by twisting it around several times. End with the two ends on the backside of the ring and twist them around themselves a few times. Then trim the ends.
  2. Take another few branches, as well as a few from the original bunch and secure them to the ring with more wire. I like to leave a few out so that the leaves look natural and a little bit wild.
  3. Continue adding more branches and attaching them to the ring with wire until you like the fullness and look of the wreath.

This wreath is easy to customize to your liking. You can leave it like this or put the branches all the way around. As you can see, I hung a few wooden hearts on the wreath as an accent. To do this, glue your wooden accents to a short piece of string. Once dry, simply tie the string to the top of the wreath.

As this is a wreath made from fresh greenery, it should be made the day before your party at the earliest, to ensure freshness. When you are done with your wreath, you can remove the branches and save the ring for another wreath or craft project.