Easy Mother's Day Flower Arrangement

Decorated mason jar filled with pale pink roses

Flowers for mom are a classic “I Love You” statement on Mother’s Day. While dandelions and daisies from the yard are sweet day-to-day tokens of affection, for mom’s special day create something a little more elaborate. It can be a fun activity for kids and co-parents to do together.

Choose an interesting vessel. Does Mom like entertaining? Perhaps buy her a new pitcher and use it as the vase. Or if you’re feeling crafty, pick up a mason jar, acrylic sealer and glitter. Paint the glue around the outside of the jar. You could make polka-dots, tape sections off for a striped template, or create a “dipped” look by just painting the bottom portion. Be creative! Or maybe mom loves antiques—make a day out of shopping for an interesting vase with some history. She will appreciate the extra effort, and you’ll get some quality time with the kids.

Prep and arrange the flowers. Pink roses and lilies are fragrant, cheerful options this time of year. Whenever you buy fresh flowers, be sure to cut the stems at an angle. Every stem needs a fresh cut to ensure maximum drinking capabilities, and the angle prevents the stem from settling flat on the bottom of the vase without access to water. Cut the stems at different lengths and arrange one by one to make a full shape. If you know where it’s going to go, consider that in the design. For example, an arrangement for a dining tabletop needs to be attractive from all angles, while something that is facing outward against a wall only needs to look nice from the front.

Filler flowers or extra foliage can be purchased to create a larger arrangement. Keep in mind that woody stems have a harder time drinking water, so carefully cut an inch or so up the base of the stem. Always put flowers in a recently washed vase with clean water. Leaves need to be stripped off so when the stems are placed in the vase, no foliage is below the water line. Leaves in water will decay and promote bacterial growth, shortening the life of your flowers. Change water and trim stems every other day to enjoy your flowers as long as possible.

Decorated with pink ribbon around a mason jar filled with roses