DIY Holiday Gift Toppers

Wrapped presents with ribbon and bows

Created by: Hannah Hagler, Champagne Lifestyle

Wrapping paper is fun and festive, but what’s even more fun is to hint at who your gift is for by adding a clue to the outside of your gift! Whether it’s for the cook in your life, or your little artist, these wrapping additions will add a little excitement to Christmas morning!

I’ve picked two types of people this idea would be great for: one, someone who loves to cook (your mom or sister?), and two, a kid or someone who loves art. I picked up some wooden cooking utensils and large crayons to attach to the outside of the wrapping because they are easy to tie down and look super cute when paired with the right wrapping paper. I think these wrapping ideas would be perfect accompanied by a cookbook or small appliance, or a coloring book or canvas.


  1. Wrap your gift normally.
  2. Tie the wooden utensils or the crayons together with a stretchy gold string. For your cook, cut the string long enough to tie into a bow on the wrapping paper. For the crayons, add a piece of rolled tape to the bottom of the crayons. Then tape them next to the main bow.
  3. Give to your loved ones!