3 Simple Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

Wooden spoons, a vial of sea salt, cardboard, twine, rosemary and a cutting board wrapped in cheesecloth laid out on a white table

Created by: Lauren Saylor, A Fabulous Fete

Wrapping paper is fun, but so are the little additions you can place on top. I usually stick to a neutral paper, using simple boxes instead. Coming up with interesting bows and decorations is the best part!

Here are three ideas you can try with items from your local grocery store:

  1. Grab some twine from the butcher’s counter along with a wooden spoon. Top a craft package with both for the chef in your life.
  2. A sprig of rosemary and twine make a fragrant and festive topper to any gift!
  3. Cheesecloth makes a gorgeous bow on its own, or you can add a sprig of herb or blooming branch. You can even dye the cheesecloth to match your wrapping color palette.