3 Ideas to Stay Cool this Summer (for Kids)

Cold popsicles for summer

  1. Kids will love the idea of ice cream for lunch. Make thick, healthy fruit smoothies any time of the day and serve in a bowl as “ice cream.” Use a banana as the base ingredient and anything blended in will be sweetened plenty (even greens!). Add sprinkles or a cherry on top for extra fun. Protein-rich toppings could be “whipped cream” (honey-sweetened Greek yogurt) and different kinds of chopped nuts. Banana pineapple sundae with whipped cream and pecans on top? Yes, please!
  2. Make pretty popsicles. Freeze fruit juice (diluted one-third to one-half with water) and add blue berries for a polka dot look. For a floral popsicle, freeze lemonade with petals of organically-grown pansies, roses or calendula. Adding in a piece of frozen mandarin orange could be fun as well. White grape juice would pair well frozen raspberries or flower petals. Mix and match ideas all season long.
  3. Fashion an outdoor water park at home. Regardless of how much space you have outside, you can create a water station to keep kids occupied and cooled off. Turn on a fun sprinkler or two. Set up an umbrella or make a shade cloth with cheerful printed fabric. Have a stock of water balloons and water toys on hand so kids always have access to cooling down.