Pop of Pepper Vase

A vase full of multicolored mini peppers with sunflowers coming out of the top

Created by: Courtney Whitmore from Pizzazzerie

Jazz up a regular bouquet of flowers with this effortlessly unique centerpiece that’s sure to attract attention at any fiesta.

What you need:

  • Mini Peppers
  • Two Vases (one smaller than the other so it will fit inside with room available between the vases)
  • Flowers
  • Knife


  • Prepare and arrange your flowers inside the smaller vase.
  • Place the smaller vase inside the larger one.
  • Drop mini peppers down into the space between the vases.
  • Use a knife to slice peppers in half for tight spaces and to allow more peppers to fill the space.
  • Once the space is full, display and enjoy!

Courtney's Tip: Try this idea with lemon or lime slices too (the smell is fabulous!).