Brilliant Solutions for Winter Storage

Wet rain boots atop a bed of pebbles sitting in a tray

Win the winter storage game with these recycling/upcycling tips for keeping cold weather gear ready to go outside. And for dealing with it when it arrives, wet and dripping, back inside.

  • Taming tangled scarves: A variety of neckwear seems to multiply in every corner of the house, but you can’t seem to find one when you need it. Clip plastic six-pack rings to a coat hanger in the hall closet and thread a scarf through each ring to keep scarves organized.
  • Keeping gloves handy: Cardboard six-pack bottle carriers are perfect for keeping on a hall table and filling with mittens, one pair to a cubby. If the cardboard gets wet or dirty? Put it in the recycling bin and grab another.
  • Housebreaking drippy boots: Winter can be a rocky road for your floors, especially when snow melts off your boots into puddles. Tame the mess and add an intriguing accent by placing a large boot tray filled with river rocks to act as a “drain pan” by the front door.
  • Scoring a hat trick: You know that collection of tall candlesticks that you only use a few times a year? Line them up on your hall table and pull one wool hat over the top of each. You’ve got a campy artistic touch, a great way to air out your hats, and a reliable strategy that keeps them ready to go, all in one!
  • Toting snow pants: Kids aren’t so great at hanging things up. Make it easy for them by getting several plastic mesh tote bags (with handles) to hang low in the closet. You can personalize with their names, or just color code them. Little ones can stuff their pants in the tote – the mesh lets them dry out, and they can be quickly pulled out again when needed.