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Juicy, refreshing, oh-so-lovable watermelon…summer just wouldn’t be the same without it. We’ve got watermelon at the peak of freshness, plus plenty of tips and tools to carve it and serve it just how you like.

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Cutting, Storing & Serving Watermelon

Watermelon 101

Follow these 4 tips to choose a perfectly ripe and sweet watermelon:

  1. Look for a watermelon with a creamy yellow or orange-colored spot – this “field spot” is where it rested in the field, and it’s a good indicator of ripeness.
  2. Look for webbing. This means bees helped pollinate the plant often, and it’s a good indicator of sweetness.
  3. Select an average-sized melon that feels heavy for its size.
  4. Choose a melon with a dried tail. Green tails mean the melon was picked too soon and may not be ripe.

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