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2020 Lent - Shop Seafood, Meatless Meals & Find Deals

Looking for seafood or meatless options? We We’ve got plenty of meat alternatives and sustainable seafood options for your seasonal meals. Plus check out smart swaps if you you’re avoiding up soda, alcohol or desserts.

Discover a New Seafood Favorite

Bring home these fresh and frozen catches from the Seafood Department.

Get Cooking with Sustainable Seafood

We’re taking seafood sustainability seriously. In 2020, The Kroger Co. Kroger will preferentially source at least 90% of its seafood from fisheries that are Marine Stewardship Council certified and in sustainable programs. Check out our sustainable seafood and try it yourself with some sustainably inspired recipes.

Meatless Alternatives

From burgers to pasta mixes, these meat-free alternatives are great for Lenten dining.

Alcohol-Free and Soda-Free Drink Alternatives

Juice, iced tea, sparkling water and more more…these drinks are great if you you’re giving up soda or alcohol.

Sweet Alternatives for Dessert

Fresh and frozen fruit, sugar-free cookies and more for your Lenten dessert needs.