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Clean Your Way to Fall Allergy Relief

Publish Date October 13, 2023 1 Minute Read
Author MyMagazine Staff

As the beautiful colors of fall pop, pesky allergens also have a habit of making an appearance. Ragweed is the most common autumn allergen, but mold and dust mites are other culprits. If this time of year has you nursing a scratchy throat or reaching for the tissue box, we have a few household cleaning solutions that can help deliver relief.

Wash All Fabrics

Think curtains, blankets, slip covers, mattress covers, pet bedding — any washable item that might not get cleaned regularly on laundry day.

Clean Top to Bottom

Dust, vacuum and mop — working from top to bottom is key, since dirt and dust falls down. You could even take advantage of having a mask handy, and wear it while cleaning to minimize breathing in allergens. Clean as many surfaces as you can reach, as well as any surfaces you might normally ignore, like ceiling fans, window frames, tops of appliances, between couch cushions, mattresses and underneath furniture.

Give Fido a Bath

If you have pets, this is a great time to scrub-a-dub-dub, removing summer dander to reveal a fresh, furry coat.

Reduce Clutter

Now’s a great time to do some organizing. Excess clutter serves as another magnet for unwanted dust, so consider clearing spaces and clearing the way for cleaner air.

Three Over-The-Counter Allergy Must-Haves

Eye Drops

Look for eye drops that contain antihistamine for itchy, watery eye relief.

Saline Rinse

Rinsing nasal passages daily can help wash away dust, pollen and bacteria.


This antihistamine pill can help reduce watery eyes, runny nose and itchiness

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