3 Frightfully Delightful DIY Centerpieces

Publish Date October 13, 2023 1 Minute Read
Author MyMagazine Staff

Throwing an annual costume party? Setting the stage for trick-or-treaters? Or simply want to add a dash of Halloween spirit to your home? Whatever the reason, these DIY decorations will amaze all your guests.

Sophisticated Luminaria (as seen above)

Hosting an elegant dinner party for All Hallows’ Eve? Begin by draping your table in a deep charcoal tablecloth or runner. Set a low-sitting bouquet in the center filled with eucalyptus, yellow dahlias and orange daisies. Arrange punched tin can lights down the middle of the table, with a votive or flameless candle in each. Tuck in silver and gold painted pumpkins to complete the posh setting.

Three punched tin cans with tealights inside


Punched Tin Can Light How-To

  1. Remove the cans’ labels and thoroughly wash with dish soap and water.
  2. Fill with fresh water and freeze overnight.
  3. Using a piece of paper sized to your cans and a marker, design a pattern: maybe your dots form the shape of a pumpkin or ghost, or perhaps they’re random and abstract. Either method is going to have beautiful results.
  4. Take the cans out of the freezer and tape your designs to them.
  5. Set a towel out on a work surface and place a can on top of it. Very carefully, use a nail and hammer to puncture each hole in your pattern.
  6. Once done, remove your pattern and run cans under hot water until the ice loosens and melts. Now you’re ready to add candles and enjoy!
Merry mums centerpiece


Merry Mums

This happy centerpiece starts with one of autumn’s stars: the pumpkin! While a plain, orange pumpkin is perfectly fine, some simple decorations can add a lot of pizzazz. Need some inspiration? Consider stenciling a monogram or funny saying across the front. Paint a Halloween illustration. Dip your gourd in glitter. Hot glue rhinestones for sparkle. When you’re happy with your creation, fill with potting soil and plant a bunch of yellow mums inside.

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Ghostly terrarium


Ghostly Terrarium

Begin with a glass terrarium or jar. Line the bottom with small, gray stones followed by soil mix. Cover with sheet moss. A jagged fence and eerie gravestone set the scene. A few skeletons create a creepy final touch, especially if you position a skeleton arm or leg poking out of the ground!