3 Easy Ways to Organize and Store Your Holiday Decor

Christmas ornaments, lights and wrapping supplies organized in a plastic storage bin

Created by: Laura Franklin, Food Fun Family

It’s fun to deck the halls, but keeping holiday décor and supplies organized the rest of the year can be a challenge. These 3 simple organizing methods will keep your supplies organized and safe until you’re ready to pull them out for the holidays next year.

1. Store Fragile Ornaments

Store your fragile ornaments in a large bin with this cheap and easy hack: Use hot glue to attach clear plastic cups onto a piece of cardboard that fits inside your bin. Repeat with additional layers. Place fragile ornaments inside cups and then stack another cup layer on top.

Tip: Make each layer with different cup sizes and shapes. One layer can be for tall ornaments and another for short and wide ornaments.

2. Avoid Tangled Christmas Lights

If you hate finding last year’s Christmas lights in a tangled mess, then try this simple trick: wrap each string of Christmas lights around an 8” x 10” piece of cardboard. Cut slits into each side (at the beginning and at the end) to tuck the plugs in so they will stay in place.

3. Organize Ribbon

A simple way to organize and store ribbon is to place ribbon spools onto an empty paper towel roll. Simply detach the paper end disk from each spool of ribbon, place it on the paper towel roll, and then attach two of the removed end disks to each side of the roll to keep the ribbons from sliding off. Secure the ends of the ribbon with a small piece of tape. Next time you need ribbon for decorating or for gift giving, you’ll know exactly where it is.

Bonus: Christmas lights and ribbons can be stored inside the bin with the ornaments to make Christmas storage a breeze!