How to Host Friendsgiving on a Budget

Publish Date November 16, 2022 4 Minute Read
Author By Kindra Van Horn, @rachelparker_blog

If you’ve ever hosted a gathering, you know how quickly everything can add up, especially during the holidays. Between the decorations, food and unexpected expenses, it can be hard to keep everything within your budget, but there are lots of easy steps you can take to keep your celebration low-cost! On this page, we’re sharing tips on how to host a budget-friendly Friendsgiving party so you can stress less and enjoy your holiday more.

When is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving, which has been growing in popularity over the past few years, comes from combining the words “friends” and “Thanksgiving.” Even though it’s a time to gather and be thankful for those who mean the most to you, the holiday doesn’t have an official date and can be celebrated whenever you and your friends please. To make the menu a little easier and keep costs low, we recommend hosting Friendsgiving right after Thanksgiving. This way, you can create new and delicious dishes with your Thanksgiving leftovers, rather than letting them go to waste or having to buy all new food for the feast.

Friendsgiving Food Ideas

If you’re not planning to use leftovers, try serving something other than turkey for your Friendsgiving gathering, like this juicy Friendsgiving Roast that’s infused with garlic, herbs and unmatched flavor. Round roasts, which are cut from the back of the cow, are among the most affordable cuts of meat and can easily be slow cooked to tender perfection.

Make it a Friendsgiving Potluck

Instead of cooking the entire meal yourself, spread the work (and spending) around by encouraging guests to bring a dish of their own. To keep track of the fare, create a sign-up list and have everyone write down which items they’ll bring. This way, partygoers can easily design the perfect, stress-free menu and you can focus on setting the atmosphere.

Decorating for Friendsgiving

When it comes to Friendsgiving embellishments, anything goes! Leave your Thanksgiving and fall décor up to honor the end of the season, create a winter wonderland by setting up your Christmas tree and ornaments a little early, or decorate any other way you see fit! To add a little extra holiday magic to the memories, try setting the table with handmade place cards or decorated napkins. Sometimes even the littlest touches can make a world of difference in our hearts.

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