All the Flavors of Fall

Check out easy baking recipes, cocktails, charcuterie board ideas and more.

Delicious Fare to Post and Share

These recipes look (and taste) so good you’ll want to snap a pic and tell the world.

Classic Fall Desserts

Check out a sweet assortment of easy-to-make seasonal selections.

Easy Apple Recipes

Put your fresh and delicious apples to use in these crowd pleasing recipes.

Celebrating the Best Fall Recipes

We’re celebrating the rich and comforting flavors of autumn with the season’s best ingredients and tastiest trends. Whether it’s freshly baked pies, social media-worthy spreads or seasonal sips, we’ve gathered recipes that expertly highlight the best flavors of fall to help you get the most from your harvest.

Fantastic Fall Flavors

Explore the fare that’s tailored to your fall cravings. From easy apple recipes to caramel creations to different ways to enjoy pumpkin pie, we have you covered with a variety of fall baking recipes that truly capture the essence of the season.

Social Media-Worthy Recipes

Impress friends and family with something that’s not only delicious but also so stunning, it deserves to go viral. We’ll teach you how to put together a fall charcuterie board that’ll highlight the season’s freshest flavors and have guests snapping photos before they fill their plate. Then, grab your cocktail shaker and mix up a drink that complements the occasion, like a delicious Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini. For more seasonal adult beverage inspiration, check out our full collection of fall cocktail recipes.

Fall Baking

Indulge in the charm of the season with freshly baked fall desserts. Whether it’s classic pumpkin pie, an easy apple crisp or one of the many other delicious indulgences enjoyed this time of year, you’ll find it here. Use this page to easily browse some of our best fall dessert recipes to find something for every individual, every occasion.

Mug Cakes

The only thing better than biting into a freshly baked cake is knowing you only have to wait a few minutes for it cook. Made by mixing ingredients in a mug or bowl and then baking in the microwave, mug cakes are the ultimate in convenient comfort snacking. Watch and learn how to whip up classic fall recipes in less than 5 minutes for a treat that’s effortless yet oh-sosatisfying.

All Things Apple

When you think of recipes with apples, you might jump to pie, but this iconic fruit can do so much more. Whether using up your haul from the orchard or getting creative with the remaining apples from your last grocery order, we have everything you need to get the most from this seasonal staple. From sugary-sweet to lip-smacking tart to savory and satisfying, we have recipes that prove you can do just about anything with this must-have fall ingredient. If you’re not sure which apple to choose for your cuisine, check out our Apple Sweetness Chart to see how the most popular varieties rank and when they’re at peak freshness!

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