Mother’s Day Activities

Mother’s Day Activities

Publish Date March 31, 2022 5 Minute Read

Mother’s Day Activities

Mom’s the activity master, always doing the planning and making sure everyone gets where they need to go. So this Mother’s Day, why not let her enjoy a few of her own favorite activities?

  1. Treat Yourself Day - Let Mom do her thing. Nowhere to be. Nothing to do. The family can take care of everything while she chills out, works out, binges a favorite show or does whatever makes her happy.
  2. Spa Session - If Mom loves a little pampering, schedule the mud mask and manicure (or make it happen at home).
  3. Camping - Does Mom like to get outdoors? Plan the food, hikes and everything else for the perfect getaway to Mother Nature.
  4. Take a Day Trip - Pack her favorite snacks and head out to a unique nearby destination for a day of sightseeing or shopping.
  5. Breakfast in Bed - Overdone? Not a chance. We say it’s “over-easy” (or however Mom likes her eggs). It’s a tried-and-true Mother’s Day tradition for a reason (Mom deserves an easy day).
  6. Happy Hour - If enjoying a few drinks is Mom’s idea of a good time, plan some special cocktails and let her get in happy mode.

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DIY Mother’s Day Gift, Craft & Card Ideas

Handmade gifts are the way to her heart.

The Sweets Fan - The flowers are the frosting in this irresistible treat. Whether you choose cupcakes from our Bakery or make them yourself, a DIY Cupcake Bouquet is a sweetly fun idea for Mom.

The Wine Lover - Uncork your inner artist and paint wine glasses that look as good as Mom’s favorite wine tastes.

The Picture Person - Is it a frame? Is it a vase? Should we just call it a frase? Mason jar meets picture frame with this cute idea. Simply adhere a sticker or blank label to the jar, then spray paint the jar. Once the paint has dried, remove the sticker. Place the photo in the jar and align and tape it where the sticker was placed. Fill a small glass with water and place it in the Mason jar. Arrange Mom’s favorite flowers in the glass.

The Couponer - Mom’s Day coupon book cards are the best. Make your own card and fill it with coupons for fun and helpful stuff Mom can redeem, like the family deep cleaning the house or the kids picking up their toys…anything to make Mom’s life easier.

Mother’s Day Flowers & Plants

Mom is sure to dig a fresh bouquet, succulent or orchid. Bright and beautiful, they’ll add something special to her space and day. If you’re feeling extra thoughtful, choose flowers based on the meaning of their color. And if Mom’s thumb isn’t the greenest, we’ve got it covered with tips for caring for new house plants. Plus, we can deliver flowers and plants too for Moms near and far.

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Mother’s Day Breakfast or Brunch

It’s not often Mom gets to sleep in. Watch the “Zzzs” turn into instant “Mmms” when the alarm clock gets traded in for Everything Bagel Seasoning Avocado Toast. You can even make her a mimosa bar that goes beyond the classic orange juice and champagne combo, with lots of unique recipes like the Ruby Red Mimosa and Fuzzy Navel Mimosa. And we have even more recipes below that offer deliciously sweet and savory options for the ultimate serve-it-in-bed-food-spread.

Now you’ve got lots of fun ideas and delicious recipes to give Mom 24 hours of pure bliss. And to shop more for Mom, be sure to visit our Mother’s Day Shop.

Mother’s Day Recipes