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Buh-Bye Under-Eye Bags

Publish Date December 29, 2023 1 Minute Read
Author MyMagazine Staff

Aside from age and genetics, some of the most common causes for dark under-eye circles are fatigue and dehydration.

So, your best bet? Increase the shut-eye and drink plenty of water. Lack of sleep cuts into the body’s time to redistribute water and can make skin appear paler and dull, worsening the dark circles. Decreased blood flow makes blood vessels dilate, creating that purple or blue shade under eyes. Help alleviate both issues by elevating your head when resting to prevent fluid buildup.

If you can’t make up the Z’s, you can try these quick at-home methods:

Tea Time for Two

Apply chilled tea bags over closed eyes for an antioxidant boost with an extra dose of caffeine that can help stimulate blood circulation and shrink blood vessels.

Super Serums

Eye serums with vitamins A, C and E may help lighten dark under-eye circles. Those with hyaluronic acid can also help stimulate collagen and elastin production, plumping skin up and away from pooled blood.

Custom Concealer

Since dark circles tend to be bluish-gray, apply a color that’s opposite on the color wheel. If you’re fair-skinned, choose a light to medium shade of peach. For medium to dark skin, pick a deeper orange color. Then, gently blend in your normal foundation overtop.

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